This is a collection of old fanfiction works from ages past. I'm keeping them up because, well, why bother hiding them? The design is the classic site design I had for the past 10 years or so. Revel in the wonderful teal background, the images (which I still think look cool), and my snarky disclaimer. Enjoy!

Ranma! Sailor Moon!

Oh! My Goddess! Evangelion!

Crossovers! Tenchi Muyo!

DISCLAIMERS AND COPYRIGHT: Look, people, I don't own the works my stories are based on, and my stories are in no way an attempt on my part to lay claim to them. They are each the property of their respective owners/creators. My stories are merely my way of showing my appreciation for said works and exploring them further. The images are also the properties of their original owners, and I'm using them without permission.

That being said, the stories and all other text on these pages are MINE. Hands off. No reproduction or use without my permission.