Tenchi Muyo!


This fic is based on one big "what if". What if Washu's son picked up on an idea of Washu's - one that involved breeding a powerful being? What if that being showed up on poor Tenchi's doorstep, looking for his grandmother? Did I mention that he also happens to be a Jurian prince?


This is my attempt at a look at a Tenchi Muyo! OAV continuation. It's a sort of prologue to something along the lines of DnR/DnU or KOC. I abandoned it since I had nowhere to go with it.

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THE BLINK OF AN EYE (Tenchi Muyo! TV Series)

This is an alternate ending to the TV series, and starts before Ryoko's return to Earth. That means it happens before the Tenchi Muyo! in Love movie. WARNING: DARK!

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